​About Crossray

The CROSSRAY barbecue transforms traditional grilling with smart design and state-of-the-art technology.

CROSSRAY barbecue is the only BBQ that can offer controllable heat from 110° C to almost 400°C, while using much less gas than a “normal” BBQ.The CROSSRAY barbecue is equipped with our patented CROSSRAY barbecue system, which uses infrared burners mounted on the front and back of the barbecue. Because the burners are infrared, they are superior to traditional open flame burners. Infrared heat radiates into your food, in other words, it cooks it from the inside out, whereas a normal burner only heat the air around the food, which causes it to dry out.

The CROSSRAY barbecue infrared burners are more efficient and grill faster than traditional burners. This means the food is ready more quickly and because of the infrared burners you use less gas. Because the burners are not directly below the cooking surface, fats and juices will not fall onto the burners. Smoke will be reduced significantly and the flames that burn your meat will disappear



Developed by the Australian brand HEATSTRIP, forerunner & market leader of efficient infrared heating. This innovative design team takes the Crossray one step further, by also revolutionising the BBQ world.

The design challenge was to create something “NEW” in the BBQ market: redefining a gas BBQ to perform like cooking over a bed of red hot coals, providing even heat without flare-ups and to be a true multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance, that produces tastier and juicer food. The CROSSRAY barbecue is a unique barbecue made of high quality materials and equipped with all kinds of conveniences to make cooking even easier.

“The BBQ with the intensity and quality of charcoal and the convenience & control of gas.”